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This is what some dieticians who work in the mental health sector told us they thought the role of an EP is:



  • “Promote and ensure patients adopt safe and appropriate physical activity for health… and for us, in the context of chronic disease”

  • “Assess, and monitor physical health providing interventions using exercise science to reduce the risk of and for treatment of cardiometabolic disease. The core of their role is to support consumers to make healthy lifestyle choices in regards to exercise further contributing to the known improvement to mental health via optimization of physical health.”

  • “Tertiary qualified specialist/member of multidisciplinary team in providing clinical exercise and physical activity interventions and education for the general population and those with specific conditions”



Reflection Point

Consider what the dieticians say the role of the EP is. Are there any misconceptions?  What have they got correct?  What is missing? Does anything surprise you?





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