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General Practitioner

Mental health care centres or treatment facilities are not as they are portrayed in horror movies. In fact, most Australian people access mental health treatment at their GP. 


Statistics (AIHW, 2014).

  • The most common service used was visiting a GP (ABS, 2007)1. GP consultation was the most common service used by both sexes, across all ages, types of mental disorders and across geographical areas.

  • An estimated 13% of all GP encounters were mental health-related encounters in 2013–14.This translates to over 17 million mental health-related GP encounters (AIHW, 2014).

  • Depression was the most commonly managed problem by a GP in a mental health-related encounter (about one-third, or 32%, of mental health-related encounters were for this problem).


Placement opportunities:

  • GP Super Clinic

  • Private practice EPs who receive referrals from GPs





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  2. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2014. Mental health services—in brief 2014. Cat. no. HSE 154. Canberra: AIHW. Available from: <>

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