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Mental Health Nurse

This is what some nurses who work in the mental health sector told us they thought the role of an EP is:


  • “Not sure”

  • “No idea”

  • “Provide education and training to patients and staff in best exercise methods to achieve good health care; promote health through exercise; make care plans specific to patients’ health needs for exercise”

  • “Establish exercise regime, examine and improve someone’s physiological capacity”

  • “An exercise physiologist is a professional who is trained to design and deliver exercise programs to fulfil client’s requirements and come up with strategies to facilitate long term behaviour changes. Through their expertise, EPs help in the prevention of onset of diseases through exercise and lifestyle modification”

  • “Assist treating teams for management plans on physical health care; implement/plan exercise programs; provide counselling; provide education to patients”

  • “Don’t know”

  • “Look after well-being psychologically”

  • “Educate and demonstrate how exercise can be beneficial to health and well-being???”



Reflection Point

Consider what the mental health nurses say the role of the EP is. Are there any misconceptions?  What have they got correct?  What is missing? Does anything surprise you?





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