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Occupational Therapist

This is what some occupational therapists who work in the mental health sector told us they thought the role of an EP is:



  • “For me, the EP is an integral part of the MDT! I find that we work closely together in terms of developing healthy lifestyle education strategies and practical promotion on the unit, specifically in terms of healthy meal preparation sessions. The EP facilitates access to the gym area, takes a lead role in promoting regular exercise and generalised activity on the unit, as well as being a crucial member of the metabolic monitoring programme.”

  • “My understanding of an exercise physiologist's role is that they have an thorough knowledge base on how exercise impacts on the physical, mental and social health of people and therefore provide exercise based interventions to improve either one or all of the domains of health.”

  • “For me an exercise physiologist is a professional trained in physiology and anatomy whose role is to promote physical well-being through education and practical sessions”

  • “Worked with an EP for the past 16 weeks.  The EP was involved in coordinating the exercise program to suit the individual’s health needs. The EP was also involved in discussions on various healthy lifestyle topics, for example, reading food labels, food choice and nutrition, etc. They could coordinate outpatient and inpatient programs as above”




Reflection Point

Consider what the occupational therapists say the role of the EP is. Are there any misconceptions?  What have they got correct?  What is missing? Does anything surprise you?




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