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Welcome to the facilitator’s information.  We hope that you find the information and resources associated with the learning package useful in enabling you to build your students’ confidence and ability to do well on a clinical placement in a mental health setting.


As you look through the resources and modules, keep in mind that this learning package is not designed to develop students’ knowledge on exercise assessment and prescription for people with a mental illness. Instead, it’s about bridging the gap between exercise assessment and programming knowledge and skills obtained in a classroom setting and operationalising these in unique and sometimes challenging professional environments. It is also worth keeping in mind that we do not expect students to become expert, independent practitioners in mental health as a result of completing this learning package.  Instead our objective is to enable students to enter into a mental health placement and have the capacity to be safe and effective at a student level.


The development of this learning package was made possible through a grant from the Sydney Interdisciplinary Clinical Training Network and the input of our partners at the South-West Sydney Mental Health Service and many Accredited Exercise Physiologists who work in the sector.


This leaning package is intended for educational purposes only and has been designed to be used with exercise physiology students.






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