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This module explores the role of the exercise physiologist as part of the health care team and encourages an interdisciplinary approach to consumer care. The case studies introduced in Module 2 are re-considered again in this module, but from the perspective of the exercise physiologist and how they might go about working with the consumer described in the case.


Learning Outcomes


By the end of this module, students will:

  • be able to discuss the roles and responsibilities of a range of other health care professionals who work in the mental health sector

  • have an understanding of the exercise physiologist’s roles and responsibilities within the health care team

  • have an awareness of how the exercise physiologist may be viewed by other health care professions

  • be able to discuss how the exercise physiologist can work with different members of the health care team in the best interests of the consumer

  • have an understanding of how exercise physiologists undertake their professional role in the mental health sector.


Mode of Delivery


This module is designed to be completed by students online. 


An example of how this module is used


At the University of Sydney, students who are about to commence a clinical placement in a mental health setting complete the online module. Students are then required to complete a short written task about the activities they might co-facilitate if they were to work with a particular health professional, eg. a dietician.  Students are expected to take this written piece to their placement for discussion and debriefing with their supervisor.









Module Three


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