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This module includes the use of an interactive pie chart, risk management activities (handover, real time assessment) and exercise physiologists' reflections. This module provides students with an insight into what it might be like as a student on placement in the mental health sector, what the different environments look like and how to manage risk.  Students will also hear from exercise physiologists who work in the sector on their reflections on professionalism and communication and the importance of these to this particular area of practice.


Learning Outcomes


By the end of this module, students will:

  • have an awareness of the relative size of different parts of the mental health sector

  • have an awareness of how these different parts look, the types of consumers they might come across and the types of health professionals they might work with.

  • have an understanding of the importance of the handover in managing risk

  • know how to recognise escalation and understand what course of action to take

  • have an awareness of de-escalation techniques

  • have an understanding of the attitudes, professional behaviours and communication strategies which are appropriate for working in the mental health sector.


Mode of Delivery


This module is designed to be completed by students online. 


An example of how this module is used


At the University of Sydney, students who are about to commence a clinical placement in a mental health setting complete the online module. Students are then required to complete a reflective writing task through the Learning Management System.  Students are expected to take this reflective piece to their placement for discussion and debriefing with their supervisor.









Module Four


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