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Module Two



This module centres around three case studies which describe a range of consumer presentations and consumer journeys through the mental health care sector. The case studies also explore a range of themes including psychopathology, medications and treatment and the Mental Health Act.


Learning Outcomes


By the end of this module, students will:

  • have an understanding of a range of mental illness diagnoses, symptomology and presentation

  • be able to retrieve information on medications and other treatments and have an understanding of the action and side effects of these

  • have an understanding of the complex nature of co-morbidities

  • have an understanding of how consumers move across health services as part of their health care journey

  • have an understanding of recovery models

  • have an understanding of mental health legislation


Mode of Delivery


This module is designed to be completed by students online. 


An example of how this module is used


At the University of Sydney, students who are about to commence a clinical placement in a mental health setting complete the online module. A short multiple-choice exam (10 questions) has been set up on the Learning Management System and includes questions on mental illness diagnosis and symptomology, client presentation, medications and other treatments.  Students are expected to complete this exam, with 100% of answers correct (multiple attempts permitted), print out a certificate of completion and provide this to their placement supervisor on the first day of placement.







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