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Module One



This module is designed to be at an introductory level and includes a range of issues related to operating in a mental health environment, many of which are scaffolded in later modules. Therefore this module is best delivered prior to undertaking later modules. The module is designed to be delivered face-to-face and includes a range of interactive learning activities with some didactic content.


Learning Outcomes


By the end of this module, students will:

  • have an understanding of the stigma related to mental illness

  • have an awareness of their own attitudes to mental illness and those of others

  • understand the importance of person-centred language

  • understand the profile of mental illness in Australia

  • be able to discuss the role of the exercise physiologist in the mental health sector

  • be able to explain barriers to engagement with physical activity among those with a mental illness

  • understand recovery principles


Mode of Delivery


This module is designed to be delivered face-to-face within 3 hours (with 20 minutes break).  Ideally, this module should be delivered to tutorial-sized groups. 


An example of how this module is used


At the University of Sydney, this module is delivered face-to-face in a 3 hour session with two 10-minute breaks.  All Exercise Physiology students participate in this module and it is undertaken prior to their first clinical placement. We make use of the pre-post questionnaire as a way of assisting students to self-assess their level of confidence and to underpin discussion on setting learning goals ahead of a placement in the mental health sector or any other kind of placement.









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