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Occupational Therapist

These are some of the things that occupational therapists working in the mental health sector tell us they do:


  • Works within a recovery oriented framework, aims to address barriers to functional independence and promote participation in everyday activities, addressing health and well-being through occupation.

  • If working in an acute ward, with people with a high level of psychotic, mood and behavioural disturbance, the role of the OT will focus on developing, recovering or maintaining daily living skills that have been impaired or impacted by mental illness.

  • Provide meaningful activity to patients in a inpatient mental health setting as well as support their skill acquisition as appropriate.

  • Helping people to recognise the impact of meaningful occupation on mental health and using occupation as part of the recovery process

  • Inpatient assessments





How does your answer compare with what the occupational therapists say they do?


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